The characters

The children


Tito is a shy, but very resourceful 10-year-old boy who lives with his fearful, overprotective mother Rosa. He believes he is able to communicate with his father, the scientist dr. Rufus, who left home when he was little, through courier-pigeons. His own interest in building gadgets and machines is another way of keeping Rufus in his life, to his mother’s dismay. When an outbreak of fear starts spreading and threatens both Rosa and his friends, Tito goes on a journey with his mates Buiú and Sarah to find a cure for the epidemic.


Charming, fun and brave, Sarah accompanies Tito in his adventure. She is a confident girl who circulates easily among the “nerd” and “popular” crowds in school. When things start to look hopeless, she is the one who drives Tito to persevere.


Buiú is Tito’s best friend since they were very little. Even shyer than Tito, he is an ingenious hacker. Buiú’s disappearance after he falls ill is the first driver for Tito’s journey to find a cure to the outbreak.


Teo is the richest, most popular boy in school, who loves bullying nerd kids like Tito. The spoiled child of media mogul and TV presenter Alaor Santos, he is used to having things done his way. It is through Sarah that Téo will start building a friendship with Tito and eventually help him find a cure to the outbreak.

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